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For the Imperium

Action, drama, excitement. Rocking metal music challenged to the limit, and beyond! From the backwoods of Finland, the four gathered together and decided to achieve those goals. With toil, skill and sweat they built For The Imperium. Songwritingship taken to max, fierce playing and unconditional production will serve you right from the first second as you push "play". All you have to do is just jump in and enjoy the ride. After all, we are FTI. We are the truth.

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There are two band's know by the name Adrenaline; 1.) Adrenaline A furious, high energy, intense four piece metal band hailing from the West Midlands, England. Since their formation in 2003 they have continued to evolve, develop, and mature into a metal band with an awesome prowess and crushingly heavy sound. Their ferocious blend of music is brutally administered by the intense & aural bludgeoning of vocalist, Dave.

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earthtone9 is an alternative metal band hailing from Nottingham, UK. Their line-up on most of their major releases was Karl Middleton on vocals, Owen "Oz" Packard, Joe Roberts on guitar, Graeme Watts on bass and Simon Hutchby on drums (the latter replaced for their final EP Omega by Alex Baker). Signing to Copro records in 1998, the band's first major release was the album lo def(inition) discord, which comprised re-recorded songs from their two demos with a few new tracks.

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PREVIEW/BUY HERE: Marebito has been disbanded. The new project is called "ALEXANDER KULT"/"KULT OF RED PYRAMID".
Checkout Alexander Kult is a band that has risen from the ashes of the old "PROJECT MAREBITO"
and "MAREBITO" bands. It was founded on November 2008.
Since the band members started to create a more harsh industrial sound,

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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Coma is a Polish band, founded in 1998 in Łódź by Dominik Witczak (guitar) and Tomasz Stasiak (drums). The first album "Pierwsze Wyjście z Mroku" was released in 2004. After winning the Rock Festival in Węgorzewo the band became very popular in Poland. The second album, "Zaprzepaszczone Siły Wielkiej Armii Świętych Znaków" was released in May 2006.

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Newsted is an American metal band founded by Jason Newsted (Metallica, Flotsam and Jetsam, Voivod, Ozzy Osbourne, ...). They released their first EP, Metal, in January 2013. Band members: Jason Newsted Vocals (lead), Bass
Jesus Mendez Jr. Drums
Jessie Farnsworth Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Mike Mushok (Staind) Guitars (live)

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Burned in Blizzard

Burned In Blizzard is a Latvian band formed in Rīga, Latvia in January 2011, by its former name Blizzard. Founded by Kārlis Kalvišs (guitar, vocals), Matīss Klaviniuss (guitar, back vocals) on guitars and Roberts Cešeiko on drums, in April joined by Rolands Ignatjevs (bass guitar, back vocals) on bass. The band is known for its melodic, thrashy and heavy sound supported by dual solos and three mixed vocals. They released the debut album Whiteout in December 2011.

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There are at least ten bands named Downfall (you'd think at least one of them would change their name). (1) Californian Punk band
Downfall was a and band from the Bay Area formed by Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman, Dave Mello, Pat Mello, and Jason Hammon following the break-up of Operation Ivy in 1989 and pre-dating Armstrong's and Freeman's wider recognition in Rancid. They performed three shows at Gilman over a period of three months: one of these shows was recorded. for more info check out

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