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Xeno & Oaklander

Xeno and Oaklander is a minimal wave/synth duo from Brooklyn, New York, comprising Sean McBride (Martial Canterel, Three to forgotten) and Miss Liz Wendelbo (Xeno and Staccato, Three to forgotten). They began writing music in 2004 and they record their songs live in their studio and play analogue synthesizers and instruments exclusively. Discography:
- Vigils (2006) (Xanten)
- Saracen (2009) (Wierd Records)
- Sentinelle (2009) (Wierd Records) Other:

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Qualkommando - // duo: Thomas Matulla (Bruchkopf) & Matthias Lippert (Terror Junkie). Qualkommando have been making music since 1997 and released a lot of records on many labels like Kopfkrank Records, USN, Brain Distortion, Terror Noize Industry, Brain Destruction Recordz, CSR, MASCHA Records, Outlaw Records, Rotterdam Records, Special Forces, Doomsday Records and more. In further times dedicated to Speedcore, Qualkommando produces rather Terror and Darkcore than Speedcore nowadays.

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Shithouse was a project formed by Andrew McIntosh, formally of Australian punk band The Scroungers. Shithouse were based out of Melbourne, Australia, and the band sound much like an updated take on the earlier Scroungers material, in the sense its a 1 man band, with some vicious anti-political rhetoric. There are 2 releases to date so far "Relaxed and Comfortable" and "Lies, Stupidity And Cowardice" the latter album being a concept album regarding global warming and ecological disaster. These albums and more information regarding shithouse are available on www.

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Dario discovered for the first time hardcore and techno music when he was 11 through the famous radio program VIRUS ran by Freddy K.
From that moment he started to listen constantly the radio program recording a lot of tapes and 1 year later Dario bought the first record (try to make it harder e.p.).
In the same period he discovered to have some softwares to create music and without to think he started to create hardcore and techno tracks for pastime with an old Pc (Pentium 1).

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Violator was formed in early 2002 by a group of friends keen on playing the old thrash metal, and it has always been like this. Four thrash maniacs - Pedro

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