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Daisy Cutter

There are several artists known as Daisy Cutter: 1) Extratone/Speedcore from The Netherlands
2) Hardcore punk band from Finland
3) Powerviolence band from Fort Wayne, Indiana
4) 2nd-Wave Glam/ Power Metal band from Bognor Regis, UK
5) Ugly sludgy 90s band
6) Trashy trance DJ from Vienna
7) Ethnic Pop band from Jakarta, Indonesia
8) One-girl Wordcore band from Sweden
9) Psychedelic-blues/rock band in Minneapolis in 2002, with a website at

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There is more than an artist named Detest: 1. Swedish Power / Thrash Metal band from Skövde.
Detest was formed in 1988 with members sprung out of band Coma.
Detest recorded a self-produced EP, "Thundersteel", in 1990, which was co-produced by Stefan Johansson and recorded at Studio Hönshuset. 2. Daniel Schulze aka Detest has been producing and playing hardcore/breakcore since 2005. He has released on Deathchant, Rebelscum, Peace off, Strike Records.... 3. A death metal band from denmark, with two demos and one LP: Dorval, based in a sci-fi fantasy. Now the band is split-up.

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1) AniMe is an italian hardcore dj & producer on Traxtorm Records. 2) Incorrect ID3 tag specifying music from an anime soundtrack. It is recommended to use the correct tag (i.e the real and original artist). Please use the 'suggest a correction' link on the right of track pages to vote to redirect individual tracks to their correct artists. 3) Hip-Hop based artist known as "Anime" aka "Emcee Anime" from Massachusetts. Anime has recently released an EP named "The Singles".

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The Prophet

Dov J. Elkabas aka 'The Prophet' was born on 5 November 1968. He started DJing in 1983. He first discovered turntables when he visited a roller disco (Het Nijlpaardenhuis) in Amsterdam.
He was so impressed by the enthusiasm it evoked that he got a job so he could buy a set of SL1200 MK2s and practice with the turntables at home. He spun disco at Het Nijlpaardenhuis for approximately two years until the roller disco was closed down.

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Deathmachine is a hardcore techno DJ and producer from London. Now living in Birmingham he has played all over the UK at clubs like Species, North, Live Evil and The Underground. He plays a range of music from doomcore through to dark hardcore techno, although usually towards the harder end.

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The Lynch Effect

Steve aka The Lynch Effect is a Hard Dance DJ from the North East of England. Playing across the North East, Scotland and the Midlands at events such as Back 2 the Old School, Hardcore Paradigm and Elevation (Durham.) Steve is certainly one to look out for with his cheesy hard style of beats. Steve has played alongside the likes of Dougal, Fracus, Chris Unknown, and Darwin to name a few, and had MC's such as Man Parris with him on his sets.

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Igorrr (aka Gautier Serre) is a composer of and music who mixes genres as widely-varying as , , , , and among others. He is based in France and has been composing music since 2006. "Imagine what would be if a church organist goes crazy, learns to growl, masters the wisdom of working with sound on computer, learns to beat drums rhythms in the manner of Slipknot, plays drum machine à la Venetian Snares.

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