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The group was founded in 1999 in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. Primary music styles are New Wave / Alternative / Metal. Current band members:
Cherya (Vitaliy Nosenko) - vocal
Taric (Taras Kostashov) - guitar
DonalD (Serhii Pinchuk) - guitar
Drot (Olexander Samogorodskyy) - drums
Lyosha (Olexiy Nosenko) - bass In November, 2008 they have released debut album Мандрівник (sounds mandrivny'k in Ukrainian, translated as "the wanderer"). Some of free tracks can be downloaded at their offical website, as well as additional information and band photos.

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Wasabi is alternative/mall emo band from Moscow. It is the first Russian mall emo band with female vocal who gathered in 2005. The band:
Sonya - vocals
Xodos - guitar
Rage- Bass
Misha - drums Ovod - management Turning-point of prompt development of the band was the concert at festival "Alternative Is here!" in the summer 2006 on one stage with such groups as ??????, #####, 7000$, ???? and many others.

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There are six artists using this name
1. A German jazz/funk-percussion group active in the early 70's
2. A French duo active from the early 80's until the early 90's
3. A Ukrainian group
4. A Spanish hard rock band
5. The lead singer for defunct 70's experimental band Destroy All Monsters
6. An Italian progressive rock band (1.) The German jazz/funk-percussion group, Niagara, existing between 1971-1973.

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