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Colt 45

Colt 45 are a rock band from Dorset who over the last two and a half years have played over 100 gigs to thousands of people from all over the UK and beyond.

Their live performances have gained a lot of recognition in the industry resulting in a recording deal with platinum selling producers, Red Triangle Productions.

The band are currently working on their debut album which should be released in 2011.

If you have already seen Colt 45, you will know the impact they have on their audiences, if you haven't, be sure to get to a gig soon. You will not be disapointed!

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Kodiak Jack

Kodiak Jack are a hard rocking 5 piece from Portsmouth, comprising Bryn (vocals), Jon (Guitar and backing vocals), Kev (bass), Jeff (Lead guitar) and Matt (drums).
Sitting somewhere between hard rock and grunge, Kodiak Jack manage to inject a pop heart into thunderous rhythms and full on riffs meaning they will never be far away from a radio hit, even in their heaviest moments.

They are a tight live act and already boast an impressive gigging CV with supports for upcoming acts like Specrum7, Everything Everything, New Device and Kobra And The Lotus (Twice) as well as a highly coverted slot with international artist Paul Gilbert (Mr Big and Racer X). As well as drawing the crowds for their hometown shows they have played up and down the country and a UK Tour is in the works for the end of 2011.

With two SOLD OUT releases on the Angry Badger label so far (T.H.E.M in 2009 and Bunny Girl in 2010) August 2011 will see the release of the full debut album 'Your Death: My Glory'. Featuring live and radio favourite 'Crossfire' along with 9 more slabs of .radio friendly rock such as the glam meets Sabbath 'Wasted Youth', soaring melody of 'Waves' and the beautiful 'My Condition'.

Winning some high profile fans (we really don't want to name drop.... yet!) and an ever growing army of fans, Kodiak Jack really could be the future of South Coast rock, in their own words... 'We Are Your Saviours'.

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Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys are an indie rock band who formed in High Green, Sheffield, England, United Kingdom in 2002 after meeting at Stocksbridge High School. The band consists of Alex Turner (vocals, guitar), Jamie 'Cookie' Cook (guitar), Nick O'Malley (bass) and Matt Helders (drums, vocals). Founding bassist Andy Nicholson left in 2006. Each of the band's first five singles I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, When the Sun Goes Down, Leave Before the Lights Come On...

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Daniel Leigh

Daniel Leigh has been a performer/songwriter/musician since the young age of 14. Throughout his career in music, Daniel has performed and tasted many musical genres, such as his works in soul, stage, and hard rock. Known to most as the front man for London based rock band New Device, Daniel has now decided to branch out, exploring the diverse paths of his solo career. Drawing inspiration from every facet of musical genre, Daniel Leigh writes, records and performs music which he feels is true to his personality and life experience. There is a distinct contrast between his work in New Device and his solo compositions, with Electronic drum beats, clean and acoustic guitars, and rich, colourful melodies. His intriguing collection is without a doubt primarily driven through powerful vocals, giving this exciting new project a genuine and honest feel. Through his music, Daniel Leigh is presented 'stripped bare', exposing a deeply personal and natural central core.

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Singer Songwriter


We are Asp! A four piece classic rock band from Bournemouth.

Asp originally formed in March 2007 and today are found in the shape of:

Adam 'The Yeti' Phillips; His powerful, gravelly vocals give emphasis to his soulful lyrics whilst his face melting solos and dominant stage presence bring a fantastic atmosphere to gigs.

Paul 'Brains' Gow; His rocking riffs, licks and solo's give the songs great feeling and rhythm whilst his melodic vocals accompany Adams power fantastically.

Rob 'Guns' Boivin; His skillful playing and groovy basslines give the songs feeling and warmth while his voice completes the vocal line up.

'Demon' Steve Warr; His sheer talent, awesome drum solos and fills will have you gasping for air whilst his technical ability never wavers.

Asp take their inspiration from bands such as AC/DC, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Airbourne. So far they have gigged Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth. They astound audiences again and again with their own rocking riffs and catchy melodies as well as a few well polished covers.
The pure energy and chemistry of Asp makes each of their shows a night to remember and definitely not to be missed. Tags: 
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